We are your personal research team

We put the auto in stock trading, With more than 7,000 stocks and a market changing every day, here you will find a set of tools to help you with it! built by Kris! :)

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How we work?


- Investing

- Finviz

Our Process:

1. We use an in-house algorithm, personally tested by Kris, which has multiple implementations to analyze extensive data efficiently.

2. Utilizing a central server, we gather stock data through a local API, including opening prices, and then sort top-gaining stocks.

3. These selected stocks are sent to a virtual server, which generates an order flow and sends it to a broker.

Service Customization

Our services are tailored to your specific preferences:

- Each server has settings customized to individual use cases.

- During the setup process, we provide instructions on how to set up your equipment.

- Setup on our end can take 5-10 days depending on availability and backorder status.

- You will need an account with Alpaca Markets.

- If you desire Elite data coverage from Finviz, it's available for an additional $39.00. Otherwise, we offer free data at shared speeds.

Implied Volatility

During the setup, you will be asked questions related to your setup preferences, specifically regarding implied volatility. This data is not saved, used for advertising, or sold. It is solely used for setting up index mapping preferences.

The K-Index

We correlate each trade with an in-house index known as the "K-Index," created by Kris. This index is based on industrial data and reflects market conditions based on top hedge fund portfolio performance. The aim is to minimize risk, and trading frequency may vary based on risk levels.

Our Strategy

Our strategy is based on Kris's principles and experience gained over the years in the market. It evolves over time, and updates are applied based on account priorities.